The Perch affords the angler great diversion, and not only are the baits various, but the modes of using them. Of worms the best kinds are small lob-worms which have not any knot, brandlings, red dunghills, or those found in rotten tan, all well scoured. The hook may be varied from 2 to 6, being well whipped to a strong silk-worm gut, with a shot or two a foot from it. Use a small cork float, to keep the bait at six or twelve inches from the bottom, or sometimes about mid water; in angling near the bottom raise the bait very frequently almost to the surface, letting it gradually fall again. Two or three rods may be employed, as the time they require to gorge is sufficient to allow the angler to be prepared to strike them. Try not long in one spot; when a fish bites slacken the line, and give time before striking; this often succeeds in bad weather, when all other methods fail, but more especially in a rough southerly or westerly wind.


The other baits for Perch are Roaches, Sticklebacks, with the spines cut off, Miller's Thumbs, horse-beans boiled, cad-bait, bobs, and gentles; but the best and most enticing bait for a Perch is a live Minnow. Place a small reel on the rod, with about twenty or thirty yards of Indian twist, and a hook, No. 5, fastened to a link of gimp. Fix the hook through the back fin of the Minnow, and it will be found a most killing bait.

Although generally termed a bold biter, the Perch is extremely abstemious in winter, and scarcely ever bites at that season, but in the middle of a warm sunny day; he bites best in the latter part of the spring, from seven till eleven in the forenoon, except in hot and bright weather, and from two till six in the afternoon except in hot and bright weather, and then from sun-rise till six in the morning, and in the eve from six to sunset. In clear water sometimes a dozen or more of Perch have been observed in a deep^ hole sheltered by trees or bushes: by using fine tackle and a well-scoured worm, the angler may see them strive which shall first seize it, until the whole shoal have been caught. The Perch may be angled for and taken until the end of September, but the preferable season is from the beginning of May to the middle of July.