This fish is an almost universal inhabitant of rivers, ponds, and marshes, and when in its full perfection of colour is highly beautiful; the back being of a fine olive green, the sides silvery, and the fins and belly of a bright red; the colours fade in a great degree as the season advances. The general length of this minute species is about two inches; on each side and on the back are placed several strong jagged spines, from whence it derives its name.

It is a fish of an extremely active and vigorous nature, swimming rapidly, and preying upon the smaller kind of water insects and worms, as well as the spawn of other fishes ; and is, from this circumstance, considered highly prejudicial to fish-ponds.

Stickleback 21

Having now brought our instructions to a close, we, in our imagination, have looked at the tiny angler with "his crooked pin for his hook," and "his osier rod," and we have followed him through all the gradations of the art, until we behold him an accomplished angler, with "his flies and palmers" struggling with the Grayling and the Trout.