A Monthly Series

January, The Snow Moon Outdoors

Tracks in the snow.

Gather mosses in the woods for home study. Take a bird census. Look for cocoons and dormant insects. Dig out borers in dead timber for home study. Indoors:

Make a target. Make a warbonnet.

Study Sign Language, picture-writing, wig-wag; knots, splices. Learn compass signs. Qualify in first aid.

February, The Hunger Moon Outdoors

Snowshoeing and skiing.

Look for rock tripe; roast and boil it as emergency food.

Go to every aspen and study the cause of the scars on its trunk; each one is full of history. cut lodge poles.

Play the game "Watching by the Trail".


Make a war shirt of sheepskins and beads. Make Indian furniture.

Study signaling by semaphore, Myer, Morse, etc. Also by blazes, stone signs, grass signs, smoke fires. Hand wrestling.

March, The Wakening Moon Outdoors

cut the rods for a willow bed.

cut wood for bow and arrows.

Study geology.

Take a new bird census.

Get up an animal scouting for points.

Make a quiver of canvas or leather. Indoors :

Make willow bed and other woodland equipment.

Make bird boxes to sell.

Make rustic furniture.

Make a wooden buffalo skull.

April, The Green Grass Moon Outdoors

Note spring birds' arrivals. Collect spring flowers. Note early butterflies. Do your half-mile track work with irons. Make your four-mile walk for the degree of Minisino.


One-legged chicken fights. Make tracking irons.

Make tilting spears for tub work, on land or for water. Carve souvenir spoons.

May, The Planting Moon Outdoors

Make collection of wild flowers.

Take first over-night hikes.

Nature compass signs.

begin sleeping out your hundred nights.


Make a dummy deer for the deer hunt. Make straw clubs for bear hunt. Work on willow or Indian bed.

June, The Rose Moon Outdoors

Fishing, swimming, Indian signs.

Practise judging distances.

Learn ten trees.


Initiate new Indian boys.

Study camp hygiene.

Make a Navaho loom and use it;

July, The Thunder Moon Outdoors

Camping, canoeing, or hiking.

Play scout messenger.

Make a sweat lodge.


Make camp mattress of grass.

Learn the history of Tecumseh and Dull Knife.

Practise camp cooking.

Boil water against time, given only one match, a log, a pail, and a quart of water.

August, The Red Moon Outdoors

Camping, canoeing, or hiking. water sports.

Medley scouting in camp, each in turn being called on to dance, sing, tell a story, produce the leaf of a given tree, imitate some animal, or do the four-medley race namely, row a hundred yards, swim a hundred, walk a hundred and run a hundred, for honors.


Make a war club, each, for use in dancing. Make a hunter's lamp. Make a camp broom.

September, The Hunting Moon Outdoors

Camping, over-night hikes, etc. Now the water is low, make dams and docks at swimming place for next year.


Make a collection of spore prints, and portraits of fungus.

When raining: Practise tribal calls, story telling, and games like Rattler and Feather-blow. Make a Peace Pipe of wood.

October, The Leaf-Falling Moon Outdoors

Make a collection of leaves and study trees.

Make a collection of nuts.

Gather wood for bows and arrows.


Arrange, mount, and name specimens. Learn knots. First aid.

November, The Mad Moon Outdoors

This is the Moon of Short Hikes. Now build a cabin for winter use. Study evergreens.

This is the Moon of Gloom and Sadness, so study fire lighting; rubbing-stick fire.


Study Sign Language and picture writing. Carve horns, spoons, and cups, decorating with record pictography. Take up taxidermy. Decorate the Tally Book.

December, The Long Night Moon. Outdoors

This is the time to learn the stars. Also study evergreens, making a collection of their twigs and cones.


Make bead work for costumes.

Get up entertainments to raise money.

Make an Indian Council, or a Wild-West Show.

Learn the War dances.

Suggestions For Evenings

1st Hour

Roll call.

Train new fellows, if need be, in knots, and laws; or prepare others for 1st and 2d degrees.

2d Hour

Lesson in one or other of the following subjects:

Semaphore, Myer code, tracks, animals, birds. Sign Language, trees, basketry, carving, stars, fire-lighting, box-making, bed-making.

3d Hour

Lessons in Indian dances. Learn some song. Tell a story.

Close, singing National Anthem or the Omaha Tribal Prayer.