Make a willow bed (see later); teepee; war club for ceremonial use in dance; boat; skiff; bird boxes; wall pocket for camp; bow and arrows; paddle and paint it; fire sticks for rubbing-stick fire; drum; baskets of spruce, raffia or rattan, etc.; and decorate the Tally Book.

Map Making. Games (See Index). Learn The Games

Tree the coon.



Animal Heroes, 1905.

The stories of a Slum Cat, a Homing Pigeon, The Wolf That Won, A Lynx, A Jack-rabbit, A Bull-terrier, The Winnipeg Wolf and A white Reindeer. Price $1.75 net.

Let each imitate some animal, or all the same animal Practise cockfight. Practise spearfight on tubs. Feather-blow. Bear hunt.

Rat-on-his-lodge (with little sawdust bags.) Learn:

The flags of some other nations. The flags of the weather bureau. The stars.

The evergreen trees.

The Indian blazes and signs. Learn:

First aid.

Sign Language.

Signaling. Songs:

Some songs for camp.

War song of Sitting Bull.

Omaha Tribal Prayer. Dances: .

The War dance.

The Dog dance.

Snake dance.

Caribou dance.