The Degree of Star Wiseman may be conferred on those who take 7 of these tests:

*1. Have a general knowledge of the nature and movements of the stars.

*2. Point out and name 10 principal constellations. (6 in L. L).

*3. Can find the North by means of other stars than the Pole Star in case of that star being obscured by clouds.

4. Can tell the hour of the night by the stars and moon.

5. Know and can name 20 of the chief stars. (15 in L. L).

6. Know, name and can point out 3 of the planets. (1 in L. L).

7. Have a general knowledge of the positions and movements of the earth, sun, and moon.

8. Have a general knowedge of tides, eclipses, meteors, comets, sun-spots, and planets.

*9. Take the latitude from the stars with home-made instruments, within 1 degree of error. (2 degrees in L. L.) *10. Make a sundial that works.