The Degree of Mountaineer may be conferred on those who take 8 of these tests:

*1. Take two honors at least in the list of mountain-climbing (see p. 103). (One in L. L).

2. Have camped out at least 30 nights in the mountains.

3. Know, name and describe the 14 great divisions of the earth's crust (according to Geikie). (Any 8 for L. L).

*4. Know and name 25 different kinds of rock. (10 in. L. L).

*5. Define watershed, delta, drift, fault, glacier, terrace, stratum, dip. (Any 5 of these in L. L).

6. Know at least 20 mammals that live in the mountains. (12 for L. L).

7. " " " 50 mountain birds. (25 in L. L).

8. " " " 25 mountain trees. (15 in L. L).

9. Have made a journey alone on foot through the mountains of at least 100 miles, sleeping out every night. (Companion and horse allowed in L. L).

10. Can swim 100 yards.