The Degree of Hunter may be conferred on those who take 14 of these tests:

1. Can walk 1 mile in 11 minutes. (14 in L. L).

2. " " 30 " " 12 hours. (Not open to L. L).

3. " run 100 yards in 13 Secs. (15 in L. L).

4. Can run 1 mile in 5 1/3 minutes. (Not open to L. L).

5. " swim 100 yards.

6. " spot the Rabbit (see Games) 3 times out of 5 at 60 yards.

7. " see and map out 6 Pleiades.

8. " see the Pappoose on the Squaw's back (spectacles allowed if habitually worn.) (See p. 204).

*9. Have killed according to the Campfire Law (p. 106), any one big game animal.

*10. Have got a good photograph of a big game animal wild in its native surroundings.

*11. Know and name correctly 25 native wild quadrupeds. (15 for L. L).

12. Know and name correctly 50 wild birds in the field and their nests. (30 for L. L).

*13. Know and clearly discriminate the tracks of 25 of our common wild quadrupeds. (15 for L. L).

14. Can trail an animal or else iron track prints for half a mile without aid of snow. (Snow allowed in L. L).

15. Have won honors with rifle. That is, be a marksman according to the rules of the National Rifle Association.

16. With bow make a total score of 300 points at 60 yards, standard target (see p. 112). (25 points for L. L).

Have caught alive and uninjured with his own make of trap one wild quadruped and one wild bird.

*18. Know the Pole Star and 15 star groups. (10 star groups in L. L).

19. Have taught any one of these but the first 9 to some other brave.