The Degree of Camp Doctor is conferred on those who take 20 out of these tests:

*1. Can demonstrate the Schaefer method of resuscitation.

2. Carry a person down a ladder.

3. Bandage head and ankle.

*4. Demonstrate treatment of wound of the neck with severe arterial hemorrhage.

5. Treat mangled injury of the leg without severe hemorrhage.

6. Demonstrate treatment for rupture of varicose veins of the leg with severe hemorrhage.

7. Show treatment for bite of finger by mad dog.

8. Demonstrate rescue of person in contact with electric wire.

9. Apply tourniquet to a principal artery.

10. State chief difference between carbolic poisoning and intoxication. *11. Pass first-aid tests of American Red Cross Society.

12. Write a statement on the care of the teeth.

13. State a principle to govern in eating, and state in the order of their importance, five rules to govern the care of his health.

14. Be able to tell the difference in effect of a cold and hot bath.

*15. Describe the effect of alcohol and tobacco on the growing boy.

16. Tell how to care for the feet on a march.

17. Describe the effect of walking as an exercise.

18. Know how to treat sprains.

19. Tell how athletics may be overdone.

*20. State what the chief causes of each of the following diseases are: tuberculosis, typhoid, malaria.

21. Tell what should be done to a house which has been occupied by a person who has had a contagious disease.

22. Tell how they may cooperate with the board of health in preventing disease.

23. Describe the method used in their community in disposing of garbage and the evil effect of flies.

*24. Know how to treat for bad sunburn.

25. Tell how a city should protect its foods; milk, meat, and exposed foods.

26. Tell how to plan the sanitary care of a camp.

27. State the reason why school children should undergo a medical examination.

28. Must know what wood herbs, etc., or camp staples will produce sweat, purge, vomit, or warmth; what will make a quick poultice which will check diarrhoea, etc.

*29. Know poison ivy, sumac, oak, etc., and the proper treatment for cases of poisoning by these.

30. Make, use, and teach others to use, the Indian Sweat Lodge.

31. Have taught a class in first aid.

(The Little Lodge can scarcely expect to take this).