The Degree of Camp Craftsman may be conferred on those who take 15 out of these tests: 1. Have a knowledge of tanning and curing. *2. Can sole and heel a pair of boots, sewed or nailed, and generally repair boots and shoes.

3. Can dress a saddle, repair traces, stirrup leathers, etc., and know the various parts of harness.

4. Can patch a garment.

*5. Can make a lace or a button of a leather patch.

6. Make set of 6 camp chairs and a camp table.

7. Make a waterproof vessel of birch bark. *8. Repair a broken boat or canoe.

9. Repair a tent cover so it will not leak.

10. Make an axe helve or a hoe handle.

11. Can repair a leaky kettle or pot.

12. Can solder a tin.

13. Make a basket of wildwood materials. *14. Make an Indian bed.

*15. Make a grass mat.

16. Can fell a 6-inch tree in 60 seconds and drive with it a given stake.

17. cut down a 6-inch tree, and chop and split it into stove wood, using axe only.

18. cut and flat with 2 true surfaces a railway tie 8 feet long, 9-inch face and 6 inches thick, using axe only.

*19. Distinguish between rip saw, crosscut, keyhole saw, 2-handed crosscut and show how they are used.

*20. Show the right and wrong way of putting nails into two boards, one of which is to be fastened across the other.

21. Make a boat or a birch canoe.

22. Build a log cabin.