Are all books which are practical and teach. They are purposely concise, meet of them fit the pocket, so aa to be glanced at when one has a few minutes to spare In car, train, Iras, or when waiting anywhere, for all of na now-a-days hare little time to spare for anything. Every book is as good aa a ten-dollar coarse of lessons. As a reader remarks: "I have got books and lessons from English and American publishers, but none were so terse and to the point as yours, and they are bound to impress the dullest perception. I am sure they will do a wonderful lot of good." Some of the books have been translated into German, and "The Queen," "Gentleman's Magazine" and other high-class periodicals have spoken highly of them.

Our books stand for freedom from every limitation, abolishing poverty, sickness, unpleasant circumstances and mental depression, transforming every student into a ray of sunshine, a thorough-paced optimist, building up self-reliance, opening up the powers which every human being possesses. Send a doll&r tor two of these publications and we are sure you will be sufficiently interested to purchase others.

Very Interesting

I have to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of the literature on the mysteries of Laya and Mantra Yoga, etc., forwarded me. The lessons are, of course, very interesting and I very much appreciate them.

Mr. A. D. Grant, W. Africa.

Ours Excellent

I have read your E course, i. e., in Aryan Initiation. It is excellent of its kind and contains the most invaluable instructions.

Mr. A. D. Gopal Dass, Patiala.