Is the view of the Heart, nearly in the Situation in which it is seen when the Breast is opened.

a. The Superior Vena Cava, returning the blood from the head and arms.

b. The Inferior Cava, tied where it pierces the diaphragm to convey the blood from the lower parts of the body into the right auricle.

c. The Right Sinus, or Auricle.

d. The Eight Ventricle.

e. The Pulmonary Artery; it is seen to divide; one branch to pass, under the arcli of the aorta, to the lungs of the right side; the other to take an acute turn to those of the left side.

Fore View Of The Heart

f. The top of the Left Sinus of the Heart, or that which is properly the auricle, c. The Left Ventricle; it is seen Fig. II. A.

h. The Arch of the Aorta.

i. The Subclavian and Carotid of the right side, rising together from the Aorta.

k. The Carotid Artery of the left side.

l. The Subclavian Artery of the left side.

m. A Branch of the Right Coronary Artery.

n. The Left Coronary Vein.

o. A Branch of the Coronary Vein.