The Arteries and Veins, which are attached to the Spine, are seen in this View.

a. The Left Ventricle of the Heart.

b. The Trunk of the Pulmonary Artery.

c. The Right Branch of the Pulmonary Artery.

d. The Left Branch of the Pulmonary Artery.

e. The Buds of the Pulmonary Veins of the left side, entering the left sinus of the heart.

Back Arteries Of The Heart

f. The Pulmonary Veins of the right side.

g. The Vena sine Pari, or Azygos; this vein lies upon the spine, collects the blood from the back part of the thorax, and conveys it to the superior vena cava.

h. The Superior Vena Cava.

i. The Aorta, where it first touches the Spine.

l. The Left Carotid Artery.

m. The Left Subclavian Artery.

N. The Arteria Innominata, or common origin of the subclavian and carotid of the right side.