The Inferior Mental, Or Submental Branch, is a larger artery than the preceding; it runs along the base of the inferior maxillary bone towards the symphisis menti, being covered by the platysma myoides, and lying upon the cutaneous surface of the mylo-hyoid muscle. Near the middle line it divides into two branches, one of which crosses in front of the anterior belly of the digastric muscle to anastomose with that of the opposite side, while the other ascends on the front of the chin to supply the integuments, and communicates with the inferior Branches of Cervical stage.

Inferior Palatine. Tonsilitic. Submaxillary. Inferior or Submental. Internal Pterygoid.

Branches of the Facial stage.


Inferior Labial. Inferior Coronary. Superior Coronary. Dorsalis Nasi. Angular.

Dental Branch Of The Internal Maxillary Artery

In some cases the inferior mental gives off the sublingual artery, which more usually arises from the lingual.