The Hepatic Artery is smaller than the splenic in the adult, but larger in the foetus: it proceeds at first almost transversely along the superior margin of the pancreas, and beneath the Spigelian lobe of the liver, towards the upper and posterior surface of the pyloric extremity of the stomach: in this situation it gives off two branches, viz., the pylorica superior and gastro-duodenalis, and then proceeds upwards, forwards, and to the right side, surrounded by a considerable quantity of areolar tissue and branches of the solar plexus of nerves, all of which are situated between the two layers of the lesser omentum: in this part of its course it has the vena portae behind it, and the ductus choledochus to its right side. Having arrived in this manner within about an inch of the liver, it terminates by dividing into the right and left hepatic arteries, having, as already stated, previously given off the superior pyloric and gastro-duodenalis.

Arteries of the Stomach and Liver.

Fig. 35. Represents the Arteries of the Stomach and Liver.

A, Abdominal Aorta. B, Cceliac Axis. D, Hepatic Artery. E, The Splenic Artery. a, a, Proper Phrenic or Sub-phrenic Arteries, b. Anterior CEsophageal branch from Coronary Artery, c, c, Gastric or Coronary Artery, d, Hepatic Artery, e, Superior Pyloric Artery anastomosing with the descending branch of Gastric Artery, f. The Vena Portae. g, Left Hepatic Artery, i, Right Hepatic Artery, k, Cystic Artery, m, Ductus Choledochus Communis, n, Hepatic Duct.

1, Union of Cystic and Hepatic Ducts, to form the Ductus Communis, o, The Gastro-duodenalis Artery, p, Gastro-epiploica Dextra Artery, q, q, Anastomosis between the Right and Left Epiploic Arteries, r, r, r, Omental branches from Epiploic Artery. 1, Under-surface of right Lobe of Liver.

2, Gall-bladder. 3, Under-surface of left Lobe of Liver. 4, Lobulus Spigelii. 5, 5, Pillars of the Diaphragm. 6, Oesophagus. 7, 8. 9. Stomach. 10, Pylorus. 11, Duodenum. 12, 12, 12, 12, The Great Omentum. 13, 13, 13, The Small Intestines. 14, 14, Peritoneum.

The Superior Pyloric Artery

The Superior Pyloric Artery is small, and descends from right to left along the lesser curvature of the stomach: it supplies this organ, and anastomoses directly with the descending branch of the gastric artery, and by small branches which run across the stomach both anteriorly and posteriorly, with the arteries running along the great curvature of the stomach. The superior pyloric sometimes arises from the right hepatic.