PROBABLY your family likes hot breads. Most families do! We hope you'll find a few practical suggestions here for further pampering of that already pampered family of yours—but with less effort to yourself than heretofore Prepared products which help to shorten labor are:

Substitutes For Bread

Crackers of all kinds, bran biscuits, zweiback and rusks.

Prepared Flours

For pancakes, for muffins, biscuits, and so forth.

The easiest breakfast bread is toast—especially if made with an electric toaster on the table. Bread sliced or pulled apart (pulled bread) and browned in the oven requires less watching than when toasted over the direct flame. Rusks and zweiback require only heating.

You can have quick hot breads for breakfast either by partly combining the ingredients the night before (flour, salt, baking powder) or by using prepared flour. Prepared pancake flour is excellent for pancakes. One brand baked in a shallow pan makes a good corn bread. Other prepared flours for general use contain baking powder and salt and save time of measuring and sifting. These are especially useful for making biscuits and muffins.

Give variety to muffins and biscuits by adding raisins, dates or coconut. For luncheon, tea and supper, grated cheese or peanut butter added to the biscuit-mixture makes a delightful surprise with little work.