FOR supper and luncheon you can often fall back on canned vegetables for a quick main dish if you enrich them just a bit. Among the vegetables to be found in any grocery store are: Asparagus, beans (string, lima, kidney), beets, corn, peas, sauerkraut, spinach, squash, sweet potato, succotash, tomato, baked beans, spaghetti with sauce.

The simplest ways of making canned vegetables more hearty are: (1) serving with white sauce, seasoned to suit the vegetable; (2) escalloping with crumbs and sometimes cheesea method particularly good for tomatoes, corn and succotash; (3) as vegetable stew, combining one can each of tomatoes, corn and lima beans with proper seasonings.

Limited space forbids the giving of many recipes here, but the few we are able to print will give you ideas for working out wholesome and savory combinations of your own.