One distinguishes three different kinds of table cards: the bill of fare, the menu, and the list of beverages.

The bill of fare is a list of dishes with prices for each dish and from which the guests order and accordingly pay for. (European Plan) A bill of fare also can be without prices and the guests pay a certain price for one meal, by the day, week or month, etc., no matter what is ordered. (American Plan).

A menu offers only a number of different dishes for a certain repast. The dishes are either served on large plates and handed around or they are served individually. Sometimes the price for one cover (the whole meal) is marked on the menu.

A bill of fare can be made up for the entire day. They are named as follows:


Bill of fare; Day's Bill of fare; Card for the Day; Bill of fare to order.


Carte; Carte du Jour.


Lista de Platos; Lista de Platos a la Carta; Lista de Platos del Dia.


Tageskarte; Speisen nach der Karte; Speise-karte; Speiseliste; Speisen nach Wahl; Speisen nach Aus wahl.

Bills of fare which are intended for a certain meal only, are called as follows:



Lunch to Order.

Dinner to Order.

Supper to Order.



Depeuner-diner a la Carte; Dejeuner a la Fourchette.

Diner a la Carte. Souper a la Carte.



Almuerzo a la Carta. Comida a la Carta. Cena a la Carta.



Gabelfrunstuck nach der Karte. Hauptmahlzeit nach der Karte. Abendmahlzeit nach der Karte.

If it is a common service (table d'hote) and the names of the different day-meals are mentioned, then they are called without the endings to order a la carte, a la carta, nach der Karte.

Menus are called as followed:






Lista /de Platos/ de Mesa Franca; Lista [/de Platos/ de Mesa redonda.



Lists Of Beverages


List of Beverages.


Liste de Boissons.


Lista de Bebidas.


Getrank-Liste (Getrankliste); Getrank-karte (Getrankkarte).


Wine List; Wine Card.


Liste de Vins.


Lista de Bebidas.


Weinkarte (Wein-Karte); Weinliste (Wein- Liste).

French Words Most Commonly Used With The Preposition "With"



à l'ail

with garlic

à l'aillolis

with garlic butter

à l'ammende

with Greek sorrel

à l'amourette

with amourette

aux anchois

with anchovies

à l'aneth

with dill

à l'anis

with aniseed

à l'ananas

with pineapple

aux ananas

with pineapples

aux arachides

with peanuts

aux artichauts

with artichokes

aux artichauts farcis

with stuffed artichokes

aux artichauts frits

with fried (baked) artichokes

aux asperges

with asparagus

aux asperges et /aux/pois

with asparagus and peas

aux avelines

with hazelnuts

au avocat

with alligator pear

aux bananes

with bananas

à la batate

with sweet potato

aux bâtâtes

with sweet potatoes

aux betteraves

with red beets

au beurre;

with butter

au beurre fondu

with melted butter

au(x) beurré (s)

with butter-pear(s)

aux bigardes

with Seville oranges

à la bière

with beer

à la biscotte

with zwieback

aux biscottes

with zwiebacks

à la bistorte

with adder-wort

au blé de Turquie; au mais

with corn (maize)

au brocoli

with broccoli

aux brugnoles

with prunellas

aux bunions

with earth-nuts

au contaloup

with cantaloupe

à la cannelle

with cinnamon

aux câpres

with capers

aux cardons

with cardoons

aux carottes

with carrots

aux carottes et/aux/pois

with carrots and peas

aux carottes et salsifis

with carrots and oyster plant

au carvi

with caraway

au cary

with curry

au caviar

with caviare

qu céleri

with celery

aux cèpes

with mushrooms

au cerfeuil

with chervil

aux cerises

with cherries

à la cervelle

with brain [not used]

à la cervelle de mouton

with lamb's brain

aux champignons

with mushrooms

aux champignons farcis

with filled mushrooms

à la chicorée

with chicory

à la chipolata

with sausage-ragout

au chou

with cabbage

aux choux

with cabbage

aux choux-fleurs

with cauliflower

aux choux de Milan

with Savoy cabbage

aux choux-raves

with turnip-cabbage

aux choux-rouges

with red cabbage

à la choucroute

with sourcrout

à la ciboulette (civette)

with chives

au citron

with lemon

aux citrons

with lemons

au cognac

with cognac-brandy

aux concombres frits

with baked cucumbers

aux concombres

with cucumbers

au consommé

with consomme

aux corinthes

with dried currants

aux cornichons

with gherkins

aux cornichons et/aux/olives

with gherkins and olives

au court-bouillon

with court-bouillon

aux crabes

with crabs

aux crabes dTiuitres

with oyster-crabs

à la crème

with cream

à la crème aigre

with sour cream

à la crème de fouettée

with whipped cream

à la crème de marrons

with chestnut cream

au cresson au cresson de fontaine

with cress

with water cress

aux crevettes

with shrimps

aux croquettes

with croquettes

aux croquettes de cervelle

with brain croquettes

aux croquettes de macarone/s


with macaroni croquettes

aux croquettes de volaille

with chicken croquettes

à la croûtes

with crust (bread crust)

aux croûtons

with small crusts

aux croûtons de légumes

with vegetable dice

au cumin

with caraway

aux échalottes

with shallots

aux écrevisses

with crayfish

à l'épinard

with spinach

aux escargots

with snails

à l'estragon

with tarragon

à la farce de marrons

with chestnut filling

au fenouil

with fennel

aux filets de poule

with chicken fillets

aux filets de truite

with trout fillets

aux fines herbes

with fine herbs

au foie

with liver

au foie d'oie

with chicken liver

aux foies d'oies

with chicken livers

au foie de veau et/aux/


with calf's liver and truffles

au fumet d'ananas

with pineapple flavor

à la gelée

with jelly

à la gelée /de viande/

with meat jelly

à la gelée de groseilles

with currant jelly

au gingembre

with ginger

au gombo

with gombo

aux groseilles

with currants

aux groseilles vertes

with gooseberries

à la grive farcie

with stuffed fieldfare

aux grives farcies

with stuffed fieldfares

au hareng

with herring

aux harengs

with herrings

aux haricots

with beans

aux haricots blancs

with white beans

aux haricots verts

with string beans

aux herbes

with herbs

à l'huile

with oil

aux huîtres

with oysters

au jambon

with ham

aux jaunes d'oeufs

with egg-yolks

au jus /de viande/

with meat juice

au jus de fruits

with fruit juice

aux laitues

with lettuce

aux laitues braisées

with braised lettuce

aux laitues farcies

with stuffed lettuce

au lard

with bacon

au légumes

with vegetable

aux légumes

with vegetables

aux légumes croustillants

with crisped vegetables

aux légumes au four

with baked vegetables

aux lentilles

with lentils

au macaroni

with macaroni

aux macaroni et/aux/

with macaroni and tomatoes


au madère ; au vin de Madère

with Madeira /wine/; with


aux marrons

with chestnuts

aux moules

with mussels

à la moutarde

with mustard

aux navets

with turnips

aux navets rissolés

with brawned turnips

aux nids d'hirondelles

with bird's nests (swallow


aux noques

with nodes

aux noques de beurre

with butter nodes

aux nouilles

with noodles

aux oeufs

with egg(s)

aux oeufs pochés

with poached egg(s)

aux oignons

with onions

aux olives

with olives

à l'omelette

with omelet

aux omelettes

with omelets

à l'orge perlé

with pearl barley

à l'oseille

with sorrel

au pain

with bread

aux pains de chevreuil

with vension rolls

aux pains d'écrevisses

with crayfish rolls

aux pains d'épinards

with spinach rolls

aux pains de faisan

with pheasant rolls

aux pains de foie gras

with fat-liver rolls

au palais de boeuf ,

with ox' palate

au paprika

with paprika

au persil

with parsley

aux petits navets

with small turnips

aux petits pains

with rolls

aux petits pois

with new peas

aux petits pois et/aux/

with new peas and carrots


aux pointes d'asperges

with asparagus tips

aux poires

with pears

aux pois

with peas

aux pois frits

with baked peas

au poivre vert

with apples

aux pommes

with potatoes

aux pommes d. t.

with green pepper

au porc

with pork

au porc salé (petitesalé)

with salted pork

au porto

with port/wine/

aux prunes

with plums

a la purée de haricots

with bean puree

à la purée de lentils

with lentil puree

à la purée d'oseille

with sorrel puree

à la purée de pois

with pease puree

à la purée verte

with green puree

aux qunelles

with dumplings

au ragoût fin

with fine ragout

au raifort

with horseradish

aux ravioles

with ravioles

au ris

with sweetbread

au ris de veau

with calf's sweetbread

au riz

with rice

aux riz et tapioca

with rice and tapioca

aux rognons

with kidneys

au sagou

with sago

à la sucre

with sugar

à la sauce

with sauce

/à la/ sauce /de/bigarrade

with /Seville/ orange sauce

/à la/ sauce au citron

with lemon sauce

/à la/ sauce poivrade

with pepper sauce

/à la/ sauce aux pommes

with apple sauce

/à la/ sauce /de/ raifort

with horseradish sauce

/à la/ sauce ravigote

with ravigote sauce

/à la/ sauce rémoulade

with rémoulade sauce

/à la/ sauce /de (aux)/

with tomato sauce

[tomate /s/

with green sauce

/à la/ sauce vinaigrette

with vinegrette

au saumon

with salmon

/à la/ sauce verte

with roast meat

au saumon fumé

with smoked salmon

au saucisse (saucisson)

with sausage

aux saucissons (saucisses)

with sausages

à :a sauge

with sage

à la semoule

with semolina

au tapioca

with tapioca

à la tête de veau

with calf's head

aux tomates

with tomatoes

aux topinambours

with Jerusalem artichokes

aux trois /pot de/ crème

with /tricolo/ red custard

aux trois racines

with /tricolo/ red root


aux truffes

with truffles

aux veau et jambon

with veal and ham

au velouté

with white sauce

aux vermicelles

with vermicelli

au vin

with wine

au vin blanc

with white wine

au vin rouge

with red wine

à la viande

with meat

à la viande rôtie

with roast meat