Prepare a syrup of one seer of brownish powder-like sugar ( kasir chini ) and cool it. Drive out the whey from chhana keeping it under high pressure for a few hours. Make a fine paste of one seer of hard chhana without whey. Note that chhana is always pasted with the hands on an wooden plate.

Now heat the syrup in a thick iron pot and when it is warm add the pasted chhana. Stir constantly and vigorously with an wooden ladle for the whole sandesh will taste bitter if only slightly burned. When the mass is sticky, take the pot off fire, place on a circular stand of straw and stir as before, adding cardamom-seeds, pieces of almonds and pistachios if desired, till cold.

Then smear the interior of a mango-shaped cast with the juice of a kind of ginger scented like green mangoes each time as a ball of the sandesh is pressed into the cast to give the desired shape.

In preparing sandesh always use iron pot and wooden ladle and as soon as it is prepared transfer it on an wooden plate when moulded into shapes. Then keep them in earthen pots.


Mix pastes of hard chhana 1 seer and almonds 1/2 powa with syrup of white sugar 3 powas, and heat on fire. Stir continuously and vigorously till sticky when taking off the fire add pieces of pistachios 1 chhatak and 4 drops of essence of rose, and stir as before till cold and hard. Make balls of it and give any shape with the help of casts.


Heat syrup of sugar 1 1/4 seer and when slightly warm add a paste of hard chhana 1 seer. Stir continuously and vigorously till sticky. Then take it off fire and stir as before till cold. This sandesh is generally not so hard as to take any definite and durable shape. So make halls of it and serve.

Sandesh With Date Sugar

Prepare a syrup of 1 1/2 seer of solid date-sugar (khejuri gur) and when it is slightly warm add a paste of 1 seer of hard chhana. Stir vigorously. When it is sticky and boiling take it off fire, add about 1/2 powa of ordinary sugar and mix thoroughly which will render the mass-thick very quickly. Remove the mass on an wooden plate. Add pieces of pistachios and 6 or 7 drops of essence of rose and rub thoroughly. Make balls and press in casts.

Sandesh With Kheer

Heat syrup of 3 powas of sugar and when slightly warm add a paste of 1/2 seer of hard chhana. Stir vigorously till sticky when add pastes of khowa kheer 1 powa, almonds 1 chhatak, pistachios 1/2 chhatak and powdered cardamom seeds 1/4 tola, and mix thoroughly. Take off the fire, mix a handful of sugar and stir as-before. Make balls and press in casts when cold.