Balls Of Kalai

Keep 1 seer of pulses of mash-kalai under water for 7 or 8 hours and then make a paste of them. Mix with the whites of 2 or 3 eggs if desired, and beat the paste thoroughly. Fry small balls of it in plenty of ghee and keep immersed in a syrup of sugar till served.


Make stiff dough of 1/2 seer of khowa kheer and 1 or 1 1/2 powa of sabeda with a little hot milk if necessary. Make small balls of it, press them flat and round like luchi. Dip them into a thick paste of flour 1 powa sugar 1/2 powa and milk about 3 chhataks, fry in plenty of ghee and keep immersed in a syrup of sugar.


Boil 1/2 seer of fried moog dal in water till saturated with it and then make a paste of them with the scraped kernels of 2 ripe cocoa-nuts. Mix this paste with khowa kheer 3 powas, fine flour 1/2 powa, sugar 1 powa and water 1/2 seer. Heat the mass and stir till it is a stiff gluey paste. Then take it down, scrape together the paste and beat thoroughly after mixing with 1 tola of powdered cardamoms. Prepare round and long finger-like cakes of it, fry in plenty of ghee and drop them while hot in a syrup of sugar. Serve while cold after mixing with 6 or 7 drop? of essence of rose.


Mix 1 powa of ghee thoroughly with 1 seer of besam of grams and heat. Stir constantly. Add 1/2 seer of ghee more in 2 or 3 instalments. Last of all add 1 powa of sugar when the besam is fried red, and take down when it is thoroughly mixed up. Mix with 1 tola of powdered pepper. Powdered garam-masalla may also be added if desired. Make balls while the mass is yet warm, otherwise it will not take the shape of balls.

Khasa Monda

Make a paste of 1 seer of hard chhana and drop it into a boiling syrup of 1/2 seer of sugar. Stir vigorously. After a time add khowa kheer 2 chhatak. Take down when the mass is very thick and gluey. Mix with 1/2 to 1 chhatak of pieces of pistachios. Make balls of it when cold and serve.

Murki Of Chhana

Remove the whole quantity of whey from any quantity of chhana by very high pressure. Cut the chhana when very hard in very small cubes of say 1/2 inch at each side with a sharp knife. Boil them in a syrup of sugar for say half an hour. Then take them out, spread on a flat surface and serve when dry.


Mix half a table-spoonful of lime water with 5 seers of milk and boil it. Then make the heat very mild so that the milk may no longer boil. Fan the surface of the milk and remove the creams constantly as they are formed to the sides of the pan with a very thin stick. Stir the milk from time to time and continue the process till the milk is reduced to one seer. Then take the pan down. Scrape the creams together from the sides of the pan and mix with the milk. Also mix powdered sugar-candy 1 powa, powdered cardamoms 1 tola and 4. or 5 drops of essence of rose with the milk. Serve when cold.