Remove the flakes, fins, gills, etc. from the body of the fish. Cut it near the head and bring out the intestines keeping the gall-bladder intact, otherwise the fish will taste bitter. Then cut the fish in big pieces and wash them thoroughly. Smear powdered turmeric and salt. Heat mustard oil (oil is good for cooking fishes whereas ghee is for meat) in a pan till the bubbles die out and the vapour of the oil arises. Then drop the pieces of fish in it and fry to crispness. They must not be turned over till one side is thoroughly browned, otherwise they will be broken to pieces. Make deep cuts lengthwise on both sides in cases of climbing fishes, Fries of scaleless fishes are not generally very tasteful. Small fishes are very tasteful as fries. Hilsa is a very oily fish and does not require much oil for frying, as oil comes out from the pieces of fish while frying. This oil may be used for frying other pieces, it is also taken with rice with sufficient salt.

Fry Of Lobsters Or Shrimps

Shrimps are of different sizes. The biggest ones are called galda chingri. Remove the scales except that on the head and wash thoroughly. Then remove that on the head, make a deep cut lengthwise and stuff it with powdered pepper, salt and minced potatoes. Dip it into the liquid contents of eggs beaten with salt and powdered turmeric, roll on flour and fry on mild heat.

Fry Of Fish Roes

Take out the roes of the fish and wash gently with water without damaging them. Smear powdered turmeric and salt, and fry them entire or piecemeal. Or, dip the pieces into egg-contents beaten with powdered turmeric and salt, roll on bread crumbs and fry. Roes of hilsa fish are very tasteful when thus fried. They may also be beaten with salt, powdered turmeric and a little besam, and fried in cakes like bara. Roes of climbing fish and other small fishes should not be taken out.

European Fry

Smear big pieces of fish with minced or ground ginger, onion, turmeric and salt, dip them into egg-contents beaten with powdered turmeric and salt, roll on bread crumbs and fry in hot ghee or butter.

Fry Of The Intestines Of Fish

The intestines of only big and quite fresh fishes are to be taken. Remove the dark portions containing the undigested foods and wash, Mix with powdered turmeric and salt, and fry in oil. This is taken with rice or used to season sak chach-chari of every kind. Or, cut in big pieces, mix with salt and turmeric, dip into a well-beaten paste of besam and fry.


Smear powdered turmeric and salt with big pieces of fish and fry a little with oil. Break the pieces in small fragments while frying and remove the bones. Add ginger-juice, minced chillies and onions. Fry to crispness. Or, boil the pieces, remove the bones, mix with powdered or pasted chillies, onions, ginger, turmeric and salt, and fry in oil.