Egg With Meat

Wash some big pieces of meat and mix with them salt, curd, turmeric, pepper, cumin, coriander, red-chillies, garam-masalla, ginger, onions, all ground to a paste. Boil some ghee and add the meat. Allow it to simmer till the water evaporates. Now beat the contents of a few eggs with salt, powdered turmeric, pasted onion and ginger juice, dip each piece of meat into it, roll on powdered biscuit and fry in plenty of ghee.


Shell some hard-boiled eggs and cut in small pieces. Also cut some potatoes in small pieces. Smear powdered turmeric and salt with them separately. Brown the potatoes fully and the eggs slightly in ghee. Again boil ghee with a few red chillies and add fully moistened big; sized peas. Add ground red chillies, turmeric, pepper and cumin, and stir. Add water and salt after a time. Add potatoes and eggs on boiling. Add powdered garam-masalla and take down when no soup is left. Serve while hot. There are no fixed, proportions of the ingredients.

Halua Or Mohon-Bhog With Eggs

Brown 1 powa of middlings with 1/2 powa of ghee and cool them a little. Then add the liquid contents of 8 ducks' eggs beaten with 1 powa of sugar and very little saffron, and heat on mild charcoal fire. Add powdered garam-masalla and very little camphor when the mass is thick, and stir on till the desired thickness is reached, Egg-halua is now ready to be served.

Kulia With Eggs


8 eggs, potatoes 1/2 seer, onions 1 powa, peas, green or moistened, 1/2 powa, ghee or oil 1/2 powa, coriander, ginger and salt 1 tola each, turmeric, pepper and cumin 1/2 tola each, garam-masalla 1/4 tola, a few cassia leaves and red chillies.


Shell 8 hard-boiled eggs and cut in halves. Cut the potatoes in big pieces and the onions in small ones after peeling them. Brown the eggs and onions separately. Then brown potatoes and peas together, and add turmeric, coriander, pepper, cumin, ginger, red chillies and salt, all pasted together, with water. Add egg and onions when the curry is half-boiled. Season it with ghee or oil with a few cassia leaves, red chillies and cloves fried in it. Add ghee and powdered garam-masalla and take down while a little soup remains.

Kopta With Eggs

Take the contents of a few eggs and mix salt, ginger-juice, onion-juice, powdered red chillies, turmeric, pepper, cumin and cardamom, and fried pieces of almonds. Add a little flour, if necessary, and beat thoroughly to make it a muddy paste. Form cakes, dip them into beaten egg-contents and fry in plenty of ghee. Serve while hot with mustard, chopped onions, pieces of cucumber, etc.


Add the contents of 3 or 4 fresh eggs to 1/2 seer of flour and rub thoroughly Add some water and knead the flour into a dough. Form small balls of it and roll them into very thin and round discs. Heat them a little in a shallow pan 2 or 3 at a time and then bake them on charcoal fire. Smear ghee and again heat them a little in a pan. Serve with honey or sugar.

Milk With Egg

Pour the contents of a fresh egg in a cup of hot milk and mix thoroughly. Add a little sugar to taste. This diet is an excellent body-builder and should be taken every morning.

Milk-Bread With Eggs

Boil about 3 seers of milk with 1 1/2 powa of sugar till it is halved, Then add a loaf weighing 1/2 seer, the contents of a few fresh eggs and a little rose water, and mix thoroughly. Heat it on charcoal fire till thick when milk-bread will be ready to be served.

Neck-Tie (Egg With Fish)

Boil a few pieces of fresh fish in water mixed with ground turmeric and salt. Remove the bones and rub some boiled and peeled potatoes with the fish. Add salt, powdered pepper and turmeric, juice of ginger and onion, fried pieces of almonds and raisins, and the contents of a few eggs. Also add a little rice-flour, if necessary, and beat thoroughly. Form flat cakes, dip into beaten egg-contents, roll on middlings or powdered biscuit, and fry in plenty of ghee. Serve while hot.


Mix minced onions, green chillies, powdered turmeric, pepper and salt thoroughly with the contents of an egg and pour it on a little hot ghee in a pan. Tilt the pan so that it spreads evenly thick and fry both sides till light brown. Roll it up, press flat and fry till golden brown.

Egg Poach

Pour the contents of an egg on hot ghee or oil in a pan so that the yolk falls entire and in the centre. Trim the sides, if necessary, round the yolk. Take it out instead of turning over when the lower side is browned. Serve with ground pepper and salt.

Or, drop the contents of an egg keeping the yolk entire on boiling water. Tilt the pan to give it a plump appearance. Take the egg out as soon as the white is set. Serve with ground pepper and salt.


Shell a few hard-boiled eggs and cut them into 4 or 5 slices each. Boil some ghee with a few cloves and singe the eggs in it a little. Then add curd, pasted ginger, pepper and coriander. Add salt and water a little later. Add ghee and garam-masalla, and take down when the soup is thick.