Fish 3 powas, flattened rice 1 powa, oil 1/2 powa, ghee 1/2 powa, curd 1/2 powa, onions 1/2 powa, ginger 1/2 chhatak, salt 2 tolas, turmeric I tola, a few chillies.


Rui fish is the best for this purpose. Wash thoroughly the pieces of fish and the flattened rice, mix powdered turmeric and salt with both, and fry the fish with oil and the flattened rice with half the ghee. Again boil the remaining ghee, add ginger, onions and chillies, all pasted, and stir till deep brown. Add curd and stir a few minutes more. Pour in water and on boiling add the fish and the flattened rice. Dry up the soup. Add a little powdered garam-masalla if desired. Try to keep the ingredients entire.