Fish 1 seer, oil 1/2 powa, salt 1 1/4 tola, ripe tamarind 1/2 powa, turmeric 1 tola, mustard 1/2 tola, chillies, and sugar 1 chhatak. 7


Make pastes of turmeric and mustard separately. Mix the tamarind as far as possible in about 3 powas of water, strain out the acidulated water and throw away the refuse.

Mix half the turmeric and half the salt with the fishes and fry them in oil. Boil a little more oil in another pan with the chillies broken in two and pour in the tamarind water. Add turmeric, mustard and salt. On boiling add fish. Add sugar, if you want to, a little before taking down. Keep soup as desired.