Consomme Soup. Time, 4 Hours And Half

Boil three pounds of meat in five pints of water four hours; let it cool. Then remove the fat from the stock ; pour the stock into the boiler and let it get hot; then separate the whites of two eggs—add to the whites a little salt and pepper and half-gill of cold water; then beat them up. When the stock gets tepid, throw in the whites of the eggs and seasoning, with the shells ; stir up with two forks. The instant it boils, the egg rises to the top and takes off imperfections. Then, when it has boiled about three minutes, pour it through a clean kitchen towel. A little browning should be used to color it. Boil some turnips and carrots about ten minutes, and put them in the tureen, and pour the stock over it.

Corn Soup

Clean and scrape twelve ears of corn; boil the cobs fifteen minutes in one quart of water—remove them and put in the corn; let it boil a short time, then add two quarts of milk ; season with pepper and salt; butter that has been melted enough to rub two tablespoonfuls of flour. Let the whole boil ten minutes, then turn the soup into a tureen, in which have been placed the yolks of three beaten eggs; stir well and serve.

Green Pea Soup

Take a knuckle of veal, cut it in pieces and put it in a soup-kettle with four quarts of water; boil it moderately fast and skim it well; when the meat is boiled to rags strain it out and put in the liquor a quart of green peas—they must be young. Boil them until dissolved, and till they have thickened the soup and given it a green color ; have ready two quarts of green peas that have been boiled in another pot, and if liked, a sprig of mint and a teaspoonful of sugar, (which will greatly improve the taste); after they have boiled in this pot twenty minutes, take out the mint, put the whole peas into the pot of soup, and boil all together ten minutes, then put it into a tureen and serve.

Lobster ' Soup

The foundation should be made of fish, or any white stock whether of fish or meat answers perfectly well. Take care that all the fat is removed from the stock. Let it boil, and add two or three tablespoonfuls of flour ; stir it over the fire until it thickens, then put in two ounces of butter—when dissolved, beat in the yolks of two eggs, and stir moderately for ten minutes; withdraw the stewpan to the side of the range, so that it will keep simmering. Put in the soup a canned lobster, or a fresh boiled lobster; let it cook ten minutes.

Mock - Turtle Or Calf's - Head Soup

Take the liquor the calf's head was boiled in and put in four sliced potatoes, three turnips, two carrots, one small onion—all cut fine—some chopped parsley, sweet marjoram, thyme, some celery-seed, pepper pod and salt; after it has well boiled, strain through a cullender; then mix two tablespoonfuls of flour and one of butter smooth, and add to the soup, with one teaspoonful of caramel. Let it boil again; if not seasoned enough, add more; have three hard-boiled eggs—mash the yolks and put them in the tureen, and pour the soup over them; add a half-pint of wine. Make force meat balls of minced veal and beef suet, in equal quantities; season with pepper and salt, sweet herbs, nutmeg and mace, and some beaten yolk of egg to make all these ingredients stick together; flour your hands, and make up in balls—flour the balls well and fry in butter ; put some in the soup, or send them to table on a separate dish.