Roast Beef

A three-rib roast of beef, weighing twelve pounds, will require two hours and a half to cook it, rare. Put it in a clean dripping-pan, without water; do not season it, but baste it every quarter of an hour with its own drippings; when done, remove it from the pan and strain off the drippings ; pour some back in the pan, put it on the range and dredge some flour in, and add pepper and salt; stir until it is smooth and brown, then pour some hot water in and cook for a few minutes. Serve in a sauce-boat, hot.

Yorkshire Pudding, which may be baked and served with it, is made with one pint of milk, three eggs, four tablespoonfuls of flour, pinch of salt, beaten to a thin batter; pour in the pan, when the meat is half-done, and when baked, remove with the meat.

A La Mode Beef

Select a piece of the round of about eight pounds, remove the meat around the bone carefully, keeping it whole as possible ; cut strips half-an-inch in width and the depth of the meat in length, of uncooked corned pork ; run these strips into the beef from the top to the bottom, so that in slicing the meat it will cut nicely, and the more introduced the better the flavor. Then mix together one tablespoonful of ground allspice, one teaspoonful of cloves, five blades of mace, one tablespoonful of summer savory, one tablespoonful of sweet marjoram, one tablespoonful of ginger, one tablespoonful of salt; then make incisions in the beef and introduce through it the above articles, well mixed together. This must be prepared the day before it is cooked, to allow of the flavor being communicated to the beef. Lay in the bottom of the stew-pan some pieces of corned pork cut in thin slices; on this lay the beef, having tied it tightly around with tape to keep it in good form ; then make a little bunch of thyme and parsley, and lay it on the beef; slice two onions, scatter them over the beef, then pour over it one quart of cold water, and set this aside to simmer very slowly for four hours. It must be cooked with care, and kept tightly covered. half-hour before dishing, pour off the gravy and skim all the fat off; strain it, and add a wineglassful of mushroom catsup to half-pint of gravy, and stir in a spoonful of flour to thicken it; let this simmer for a few minutes only, then pour it over the beef, removing the herbs and onions from the top, as they must not be served.

Fillet Of Beef

Three pounds of the fillet of beef; lard it by sticking a knife through different parts, in which put slices of fat salt pork, about half-inch wide and three long ; then tie it in shape with twine, and put it in a baking-pan ; in the bottom put some pork or suet; sprinkle pepper and salt, and put a large ladle of hot stock or boiling water in the pan ; baste it often. It will take about forty minutes to cook it. Make a gravy of some stock, add some mushrooms, pepper and salt and caramel to brown it.

Fillet Of Beef With Sauce

Cut the beef in slices about an inch thick ; rub the gridiron with butter, and put the beef on, and then over the fire for seven minutes, and then put it on the dish and put Dutch sauce around it. To make the sauce, take half-tablespoonful of cream, yolks of two eggs, one ounce of butter, pepper and salt, juice of half-lemon. Put in the saucepan half-tablespoon of water, the yolks of the eggs, the lemon, the cream, the butter; now whisk these over the fire, but do not let it burn; when hot, draw it to one side and serve. d.