To Broil Fish

Rub the bars of your gridiron with drippings, or a piece of beef suet, to prevent the fish from sticking to it. Put a good sized piece of butter into a dish, work into it enough salt and pepper to season the fishólay the fish on it when it is broiled, and with a knife-blade put the butter over every part; serve very hot.

To Fry Fish Plain

When the fish "are cleaned and washed, dry them well with a cloth, and lay them out singly; flour them, and season with pepper and salt, and fry them brown, in plenty of good drippings; serve with parsley.

Fish A La Russe

half-pound flour, quarter-pound of butter, one teaspoonful of Royal Yeast Powder, three eggs, one teacupful of boiled rice, one pound of fish of any kind, one gill and a half of cold water, and a little pepper and salt.

First boil two eggs ten minutes, then separate the yolk from the white of a raw egg, add to the white a pinch of salt, then beat it up light; take the flour, add the yeast powder, then the salt, the white of the egg, and one and a half gills of water, or more or less water according to the flour. After it is kneaded, roll out as thin as possible, then weigh quarter-pound of butter, and divide in three piecesócut one piece and spread it over the dough, and fold it in three, and so on until you use all; roll it as square as possible, then beat up the yolks of the eggs and brush round the side of the dough ; then put the boiled rice in the middle of the dough, the boiled eggs over the rice, and salt and pepper, and then the fish having the bones taken out; then fold the crust over it all, brush the crust with the yolk of egg, then put it in a floured pan and cook for half-hour. Garnish with parsley.

Codfish Balls

Soak the fish over night, then boil about two hours, and then pick very carefully all the little bones out; boil some potatoes, and mash through the cullender so as to avoid lumps; have equal quantities of fish and potatoes; season with red pepper to taste ; chop up hard boiled eggs in drawn butter, and mix through it; make up in small cakes, and fry brown.

Boiled Salmon

Take some fresh salmon, put it in a napkin, and boil it a half-hour; have drawn butter made with hard boiled eggs chopped up, and put in, with chopped parsley.