Clam Fritters

Wash the clams in two waters, chop them fine; add pepper and some chopped parsley; beat three eggs up very light and add to the clams; stir in a half pint of cream, slowly dredge in some flour until it is of the consistency of fritters; have the pan hot, and put in half butter and half lard, as in frying oysters—let it boil, and drop in a spoonful of the fritter batter. As soon as browned, serve hot.

How To Boil Lobster

The heaviest are the best. Put them, alive, into a kettle of boiling water, which has been salted, and let them boil from half-an-hour to three-quarters, according to their size; when done take them out of the kettle, wipe them clean, and rub the shell with a little salad oil, which will give a clear, red appearance; crack the large claws without mashing them, and with a sharp knife split the body and tail from end to end. Send to table and dress in any way preferred.

Stewed Snapper

Cut the head off a snapper, then hang the snapper up for several hours; then put it in a pan of hot water ; wash it well, and break the shell and take out the meat—be careful of the gall—and put the meat in a pot with a very little water, the same as you would to stew a chicken ; when tender, make a dressing of milk, a large piece of butter, some allspice, mace, pepper and salt, some flour to thicken it, yolk of one raw egg; when done, add wine.

Prepared Terrapins

Put the terrapins alive in boiling water, for three minutes, one by one, then take them out and take off the skin of the feet; then put them in a fresh pot of boiling water, with some salt; let them boil for half-an-hour, or until they are tender; break open the shell, use all the meat but the head; be careful and not break the gall and the sand-bag, which are to be found in the liver; use about half of the liver, mixed smooth with flour and cream, the balance of the liver cut up with the meat. To each terrapin use a quarter-pound of butter, some cayenne pepper and salt, some ground allspice, and a small quantity of mace. To a half-dozen of terrapins take the yolks of four eggs, well beaten ; add to the terrapins after they are taken from the fire; then add wTine to the taste, or about half-pint to six terrapins.