Fried Oysters

To one dozen of large oysters, take three eggs, one pint of milk; beat the eggs first, then pour in the milk and mix well; season with cayenne pepper and salt; drain the oysters perfectly dry; first lay them in bread-crumbs, then in cracker-dust; have the fat boiling hot, but be careful not to let it burn, and fry them a light brown; when one panful is fried strain the fat and use it again.

Stewed Oysters

To one dozen of oysters, one large teacupful of milk, piece of butter not quite the size of an egg ; season with salt and pepper—cayenne is better; put on to cook, and stir until they come to a boil, when they are ready to be served.

Pickled Oysters

Take one hundred oysters, drain off the liquor, cover them with boiling water, stir and cook about three minutes; take them oft* of the range and stand away to cool; then take enough vinegar to cover them, and put in a teaspoonful of whole cloves—salt and cayenne pepper and black pepper to taste ; put it on to boil five minutes; after it comes to a boil then add a little of the liquor that the oysters were cooked in; when both are cool put the oysters in the spiced vinegar.