Venison Steaks

Place the gridiron over the fire, and rub the bars with butter, and place the venison on it for a few minutes; have ready a hot dish with butter, pepper and salt, and currant jelly melted in it; put the venison in it, turn it over so as to get the gravy all over it; serve with currant jelly.

Or else have the venison steaks uncooked on the table, and a lighted chaffing-dish, and put the venison in and cook with currant jelly, pepper and salt, and butter.

Jugged Hare Or Rabbit

Skin a hare or rabbit and cut it in pieces; dredge it with flour and fry a nice brown in butter, seasoning it with a little pepper, salt and cayenne. Make about a pint and a half of gravy, from beef; put the pieces of hare into ajar, add one onion stuck with four or five cloves ; cover the jar closely to keep in the steam; put it in a deep stew-pan of cold water and let it boil four hours—if it is young three hours will be sufficient. When done take it out of the jar and shake it over the fire for a few minutes, adding a teaspoonful of mushroom catsup, two glasses of wine and a piece of butter rolled in flour, with some fried force meat balls. Serve with red currant jelly.

Spring Chickens

Split the young spring chickens down the back—as for broiling; wash and dry them very carefully; dredge them with flour, and put them in the oven ; when brown, dress them with melted butter, pepper and salt.