Roast Ducks

Ducks should always hang for one day, and even longer, if the weather be sufficiently cold to allow it. Stuff one of them with sage and onion, pepper and salt; season the inside of the other with pepper and salt; put them in the oven and baste them constantly until done. A short time before serving dredge over them a little flour and baste them with butter to make them brown. Serve them very hot, and pour round (not over them) a little good brown gravy. Serve some in a gravy-boat. Serve apple sauce.

Wild Ducks And Teal

You must be very particular in not roasting these birds too much—teal about twenty minutes, with a good fire; baste them very frequently, have ready a little hot butter and juice of a lemon, cayenne pepper, a glass of port wine; pour it all hot, the last minute, over your teal; the remainder left of these birds the next day makes excellent hash, taking care of all the gravy that may remain, to stew with it.

Wild Ducks

These birds require clean plucking and washing, which may be done by pouring warm water through the bodies after they have been drawn. half an hour with a brisk fire will suffice to roast them ; stuffing is not required. When they are sent to table, the breasts should be sliced, and a lemon be squeezed over them. Currant jelly must be served with them.