Peach Cocktail

Peel and dice ripe fruit, allowing one peach for each glass. Add a few drops of lemon juice, four maraschino cherries cut in halves and three tablespoonfuls of the juice.

Peach Melba

Cut sponge cake in thin slices and cut off outside edges. Lay half a canned peach on each slice, fill the cavities with bits of pineapple and candied cherries. Cover with vanilla ice cream, pour a little pineapple syrup over the top and garnish with cherries. Very rich.

Peach Mold

Pare fresh peaches sufficient to make a quart and cook until soft in a cupful of water and three-quarters of a cupful of sugar. Put them through a sieve, pressing the pulp through with a wooden spoon. Soak a tablespoonful of gelatin until soft in quarter of a cupful of cold water, then stir it into the hot peach pulp. Whip a cupful of cream until stiff. Let the peach pulp cool, then mix and turn into a mold. Set on ice or pack in salt and ice for three hours. At serving time turn out and serve with sliced peaches and cream.

Peach Croustades

Cut small rounds from thin slices of sponge cake and saute them in clarified butter until they become a delicate brown. Drain halves of large perfect peaches cooked until tender in a syrup of sugar and water. Sprinkle the rounded sides thickly with grated cocoanut and place one on each slice of cake. Serve cold with whipped cream.

Peach Sauce

Pare, slice and rub through a coarse sieve enough ripe, soft peaches to make a pint. cream two tablespoonfuls of butter and one cupful of sugar until very light, then add the peach pulp and a teaspoonful of lemon juice by degrees and set on ice until ready to serve. This sauce is very good poured over squares of plain cake or poured around a mold of corn starch.

Peach Cobbler

Put an inverted cup in the center of a buttered baking pan surrounded with one quart of peeled and sliced peaches; sprinkle with sugar. Sift one and a half cupfuls of flour with one and a half teaspoonfuls baking powder and half a teaspoonful of salt; work in one tablespoonful of shortening, moisten with half a cupful of milk, roll out to fit the size of the pan, cut two gashes in it to allow the steam to escape, place over the fruit and bake in a moderate oven. Serve with cream or peach sauce.

Peach And Marshmallow Cream

Whip half a pint of cream, sweeten to taste, fold in quarter of a pound of marshmallow cream (canned) and half a cupful of canned peach pulp cut fine. Chill thoroughly and serve between slices of peach and garnish with whole marshmallows. Serve with sponge cake.

Peach And Tomato Salad

Peel and quarter six firm white peaches and six red tomatoes. Set them on the ice; put into a bowl a saltspoonful of celery seed, a pinch of white pepper and five drops of table sauce. Stir well, add gradually four tablespoonfuls salad oil and juice of a lemon. If properly mixed it will be of the consistency of rich cream. Arrange lettuce leaves, pile peaches and tomatoes in the center. When ready to serve pour the dressing over them.