Cut a dozen Bartlett pears in halves, leaving the stem on one half, pare and remove the cores. Make a syrup of one cupful and a half, each, of sugar and water and the juice of one lemon; skim, put in the pears and cook ten minutes, after boiling begins. With a silver fork drop the pears into a sterilized quart jar, set on a cloth in a pan of water, pour in syrup to fill the jar to overflow, adjust the rubber and the sterilized cover and tighten the jar.

Canned Pears Frozen

Pack a can of pears in ice and salt and leave for four hours, then open the can and turn out the frozen contents.

Canned Pear And Orange Salad

Half a cupful of diced canned pears, three oranges, separated into sections, a quarter of a cupful of minced celery and cream salad dressing. Arrange on lettuce leaves and serve with toasted crackers.

Canned Pear Dessert

Cut squares of plain cake and on each piece lay half a pear. Cover with meringue and brown in a cool oven. Pour the juice from the can around the cake.


Beat one egg until stiff, fold in carefully one-third cupful powdered sugar and a pinch of salt.