Sauce For Pudding

One-half cup butter, one cup sugar, cream together. Break in an egg, beat all together, add one-half cup hot water, slice in a lemon, set over tea kettle, steam twenty minutes. Mrs. Heady.

Puff Pudding

One coffee cup flour, one pint of milk, four eggs, butter the size of a walnut, pinch of LeRoy salt. Serve with a One pint stale bread crumbs, one quart milk, two eggs, one-half teaspoonful of LeRoy salt, one-half teaspoonful ground cinnamon, three tablespoonfuls sugar, two ounces Huyler's chocolate grated. Put the bread, milk, cinnamon and chocolate in a bowl and soak two or three hours, beat together the eggs, sugar and salt, mash the soaked bread with a spoon, add egg mixture to the bread and milk. Pour in a pudding dish and bake in a slow oven for forty minutes. Serve with egg sauce or vanilla cream sauce. Mrs. Bunn.

One pint of molasses, one tablespoonful LeRoy salt, one teaspoonful soda, three pints whortleberries. Boil three hours. Serve with sauce made in the following manner: One teaspoonful powdered sugar, one-half cup of butter, one egg, two tea^poonfuls boiling water, one teaspoonful brandy, beat the butter to a cream, add very slowly the sugar and brandy, beat in the yolk of the egg and when perfectly creamy add the whites beaten to a froth, add the water and stir very carefully. Mrs. Bunn.

English Plum Pudding

Ten eggs, six pounds raisins, two pounds suet, candied orange and lemon peel and citron, spices to taste, two pounds of sugar, one quart bread crumbs, one cup hot water, one cup molasses, flour to make very stiff, pinch of LeRoy salt, one pint of brandy. Mrs. Mary Stuart.

Hard sauce.

Mrs. Bunn.

Chocolate Pudding.

Whortleberry Pudding.

Suet Pudding

One cup suet chopped fine, one cup molasses, one cup raisins, seeded and chopped, one cup hot water, two cups flour or more if needed to make the consistency of fruit cake, two or three eggs, if you choose. Steam two hours.

Aunt Kate.

Hannie's Suet Pudding

One and one-fourth cups of suet chopped very fine, one cup of molasses, two tablespoonfuls of brown sugar, one-half cup of boiling water, one teaspoonful of soda, two cups of raisins, a little candied lemon or orange, two and a half cups of flour, spices to taste, a pinch of LeRoy salt. Sauce: Put a large piece of butter in a bowl over a tea kettle, stir in two tablespoonfuls of flour, then add boiling water until the right consistency, one cup of sugar and flavor to taste.

Steamed Pudding

Two cups of sweet milk, one cup of fruit, three cups of flour, piece of butter the size of an egg, one teaspoonful of soda, two of cream tartar, two eggs, one teacup of sugar. Steam one hour and serve with sauce.

Orange Pudding

Four sweet oranges cut small, one quart of milk, one cup of sugar, two tablespoonfuls of corn starch wet with cold milk, the yolks of three eggs thoroughly beaten. Boil until as thick ascustard and when cold pour over the oranges. Make a meringue of the whites of three eggs, one small cup of sugar, spread on top pudding and sliced oranges and brown in oven. Mrs. Arthur.