German Pickles

Two hundred small cucumbers laid in brine for 24 hours. Bay leaves, dill seed, mustard seed, grated horse radish. Put the cucumbers in a jar with the leaves, and seeds, and horse radish in alternate layers. Boil 1 quart of vinegar, with 1 1/2 cups of sugar, and pour on hot. Cover the pickles and seal the jars while hot.

Mrs. George Dana's Grape Pickle

Seven pounds of grapes, 3 pounds of sugar, 1 pint of vinegar. Pulp the grapes. Cook the skins in the vinegar and sugar, cook the pulps in a little water. Strain them in a sieve, and when the skins are cooked, add the strained pulp and let it boil once. Then all is done.

How To Pickle Martinos. Mrs F. G. Slack

Gather the martinos while young and tender, put them in a strong brine till ready to pickle, changing the brine once during the time. Put them in weak vinegar 24 hours; take them out of the vinegar and put them in a jar with a good deal of horse radish, black and red pepper, allspice race ginger, a few cloves, a tablespoonful of celery seed and a little garlic if you like. To every gallon of the vinegar put 3/4 pound of brown sugar, scalding it in the vinegar and pour over the martinos while boiling.

Pepper Pickles - Excellent

Pick the peppers late in the season before they begin to turn red, soak them 10 days in a strong brine of salt and water, then if they have a good green color, remove them from the brine to clear cold water, in which let them stand 24 hours. If they have not a good green color, they will get it by scalding in the brine. Drain them, remove the seed, scraping them out through a slit cut in the side of each pepper. Fill them with red or white cabbage, cut very fine, pour boiling vinegar over them, sufficient to cover all, when cool, pack in jars. After filling each pepper, the slit should be sewed up.

Pickled Plums

One peck of plums, 7 pounds of sugar, a pint of good vinegar and spices to taste. Boil till well cooked. Nice with meats.

Peach Mangoes

Wash off the fuzz off the peaches, cut them in half, fill them with white mustard, a few cloves, mace and cinnamon. Tie them up and put them in a jar, and pour over them three mornings, boiling vinegar sweetened to taste.

Spiced Tomatos

Take ripe tomatos, peel and slice them. To 1 quart tomatos take 1 pint vinegar and 1 pint sugar, of which make a syrup and pour over the fruit. Next morning strain off the syrup, heat, and pour over again. The third morning pour all together into a kettle, add spices (unground) and boil slowly 1 hour, or till quite thick.

How To Make Any Kind Of Sweet Pickle

Seven pounds fruit, 4 pounds sugar, 1 pint vinegar. Boil sugar and vinegar together 7 or 8 mornings and pour over the fruit. Have your spices in a lace bag and boil every day in the vinegar. The last morning boil the fruit in the vinegar, a good while, until it is clear.

Sweet Tomato Pickle

To 7 pounds of tomatos add 4 pounds of sugar and boil until the sugar penetrates the tomatos. Then add 1 pint of vinegar, 1 ounce of cloves, 1 ounce of ground cinnamon, and boil a half hour.

Spanish Pickle

Cucumbers full grown pared and quartered lengthwise, cut all into pieces about half an inch thick. For a layer of the cucumber pieces use about as much salt as is used for cucumber catsup. Let it stand in the salt 1 night, then drain thoroughly. Vinegar 1 gallon, of cloves, race ginger, white mustard seed, celery seed, 2 ounces each, mustard 2 large boxes mixed in vinegar, brown sugar 1 pound, turmeric 1 ounce put into the vinegar, horseradish sliced and red peppers to your taste. Boil this and pour over the cucumbers.

Yellow Pickle

One-half pound ginger sliced, 1/2 pound horseradish scraped, 1 ounce garlic (or 1 dozen onions) sliced and salted, 1/2 pound white mustard seed, 1 ounce mace, 1 ounce nutmeg, 1 ounce small long peppers, 2 ounce of turmeric, 2 pounds of brown sugar, 2 gallons vinegar, 2 dozen heads early York cabbage cut in quarters. Scald the vegetables in brine strong enough to float an egg. Let them remain 2 days then squeeze them well in a towel and put them in a jar, with cold vinegar sufficient to cover them, well colored with perhaps an ounce of turmeric, let them remain 2 weeks. Then place them with the 2 gallons of vinegar, the spices and sugar named, in a bright kettle over a clear fire. Boil 15 or 20 minutes. Pour into a jar and tie up immediately with leather or enameled cloth.

Spiced Currants

(To be eaten with meats).

Five pounds currants, 4 pounds of brown sugar, 1 pint of vinegar, 1 tablespoonful of ground cloves, 1 tablespoonful of cinnamon, 1 tablespoonful allspice (all tied up in a thin bag). Boil 50 minutes. Dissolve sugar in vinegar, heat, then add fruit.