Take a piece of bread dough about as large as a pint bowl, 2 eggs, 1 tablespoonful of lard, add enough flour to make it as stiff as it was before. Work well. Let it rise, and if too light work it down. An hour or so before baking, spread it out on the bread board and sprinkle over it a dessertspoonful of sugar, and a quarter of a teaspoonful of soda, dissolved in a little water, work well again, roll thin and grease the surface with butter, cut out and double the buttered sides together, put in baking pans and let rise again. Bake in quick oven.

Pumpkin Bread

Stew pumpkins as for pies, not quite dry, stir into the pot in which it was cooked, sugar to sweeten about as for corn bread, a teaspoonful of salt, and corn meal to make it as stiff as you can stir with a spoon. Do this at nine o'clock in the morning. Cut a paper to fit the bottom of your bread pan, then butter another one to cover the bottom and sides, put in the bread mixture and bake two hours in a slow oven, when it gets slightly brown cover it, when done keep at the back of the oven till tea time. To be eaten hot with butter. Sufficient pumpkin to fill a six quart kettle would, when stewed make about enough, with the meal, to fill a four quart bread pan.


Two eggs, 2 cups of milk, butter size of a nutmeg. Fry in hot lard and serve with sauce.


One quart of milk, butter the size of an egg, melt the butter, 2 1/2 teaspoonsful baking powder, yolks of six eggs well beaten, 1 quart of sifted flour, whites of six eggs well beaten. Bake in hot, well greased, irons-in a quick oven.

Rice Cake

One pint of ground rice, 1 pint of flour, 3 eggs, piece of butter size of an egg, 1 tablespoon quick yeast, 1 tablespoon sugar, a little salt, and milk enough to make a thick batter. Beat a good while and bake 30 minutes. Use Durkee's Chemical yeast.


Two quarts flour, make a hole in the top, put in a piece of butter size of an egg, a little salt and a tablespoonful of white sugar; pour over this a pint of milk previously boiled and cooled and one-half teacup of good yeast. When the sponge is light, mould for 15 minutes. Let it rise again and cut into round cakes. butter on one side and turn over on itself. Bake in a quick oven.

Steamed Bread

One pint of milk, 2 cups meal, 1 cup brown flour, 1/2 cup molasses, 1 teaspoon of soda, 1 teaspoon salt. Steam 3 hours. Bake long enough to form a crust. Can stand over night to bake in the morning for breakfast. Steam this 3 1/2 hours if you do not wish to bake it. Let it stand two minutes with a thick cloth over it, after taking it from the steamer and it will not stick to the pan.

Split Cake

One pint of sour milk, 1 tablespoonful of lard, melted, 1 table-spoonful of butter, melted, a pinch of salt, 1 teaspoonful of soda, flour just enough to roll out. Bake thick enough to split, and butter for the table.

Sponge For Bread

Sponge should be mixed in a thick stone or earthen bowl. from 2 1/2 measures of flour to one of netting. Make your sponge at night, cover close and set in a warm place till morning. Pour a coffee cup of boiling water into the sponge in the morning, stirring all the time, then work in flour, and knead it three or four minutes, make into loaves, put in pans, prick it with a fork and set it to rise; when light, it cracks open upon the top, and I put it on the oven to bake.

Tea Cakes

One cup sugar, 1 tablespoonful butter, 1 cup sweet milk, 2 eggs, 3 pints flour, 2 teaspoonsful baking powder.