Codfish Balls

Soak salt fish in cold water, cut in pieces and put on the stove, let them come to a boil. Then drain off the water, draining off water several times, then pick it up, having potatoes ready. Chop together 1/2 fish and 1/2 potatoes. Beat one egg and mix in balls and fry in hot lard.

Codfish Balls

Pick fine 1 quart of codfish, let it simmer on the back of the stove 15 minutes, then boil gently fifteen minutes; also boil 6 good-sized potatoes, mash fine to mix while hot with the fish, season with pepper and salt, add a tablespoon of butter; lastly beat three eggs well and stir through the fish and potato, drop into hot lard from a spoon or form into balls; lay a napkin on a platter to absorb the fat.

Codfish And Eggs

Chop the codfish fine, simmer on the stove, changing the water once or twice, pour off water, add 1 cup of Cream, just before serving, stir in 3 or 4 well beaten eggs.

Codfish Dinner

Soak the fish in plenty of water, putting it in early in the morning. About an hour before dinner set it on the back of the stove and let it cook slowly but never boil it. Use boiled potatoes and boiled beets when beets are young and tender. Onions if you prefer them to beets. Drawn butter gravy and pork scraps in a separate dish as all do not relish pork. Garnish the fish with hard boiled eggs.