Fried Chicken With Mush

To prepare the mush take a pint of Indian meal (for four persons) and sift. Have a pint of boiling water on the fire with a teaspoonful of salt, stir in the meal a little at a time until it looks thick enough not to run. Do this early in the morning and spread to cool on a large flat dish. Cut cakes of it square or round using a little flour to handle them if necessary.

Fried Chicken

Get chickens about three months old and be sure they are fat. Cut them as for fricassee, in quarters. Dredge them with flour, and sprinkle lightly with salt. Put them to fry in a good quantity of boiling lard. They should be of a fair light brown when done. Fry small pieces of mush and lay on the bottom of the dish. Garnish the dish with cured parsley.


Boil half a pint of rich milk, add to it a small bit of butter, with pepper, salt and chopped parsley. Stew it a little and serve hot with the chicken from a gravy boat.

Fried Chicken. Mrs N. D. Ly0hv

Cut the chicken in small pieces and remove the skin; put it in water enough to boil, to which add a little salt; when it is almost done, roll each piece in flour, sprinkle with pepper and salt, lay it in a pan, put a small lump of butter on each piece, and sufficient boiling water to baste it with. When broivn make a gravy of the liquor the chicken was boiled in with a little flour and an egg well beaten, pour it over the chicken, put it back in the oven a few minutes, then serve.