Whelks are not greatly used as bait by the amateur sea fisher, but are simply invaluable to the long-liner owing to their toughness, a hook baited with a whelk being very seldom robbed. They are taken in large quantities by dredging, in lobster pots baited with soft crab or offal, and also on lines laid along the bottom, on which are fastened rows of small crabs threaded on twine. I need hardly say that with both snails and whelks the shell must be broken off before the bait can be used. A large whelk can be cut up into several baits.


This young of sprats, herrings, and, occasionally, other fish, is most excellent bait. In fact, it is a large item in the daily menu of whiting, codling, mackerel, bass, etc.

Whitebait are caught in either very fine seines or round hoop-nets, such as are used for smelts, and shown in one of Mr. Hemy's illustrations. When I have had the opportunity, I have used them alive with very satisfactory results, fishing with them just as I would for perch, with a paternoster baited with minnows.