The Sea Loach, Or Rockling, is a useful little fish of the cod family, found among the rocks on some parts of our coasts, and is a good whiffing bait for pollack, etc.


Shrimps are admirable baits for flat fish and pollack, particularly if used alive, when the hook should be passed once through the tail. They can be obtained from the shrimpers, who will of course save a few from the boiling pot for a small consideration. They are easily kept alive in a sand-eel courge, or in any other finely woven basket. Boiled shrimps, peeled, are sometimes used as baits. It is far better, even if they are not alive, to use them unboiled.


These delicate little fish make admirable baits, and may be used in exactly the same way as sand-eels. In the Solent a piece of smelt is a very favourite bait for whiting, but is not, I believe, much used for the purpose in other places. I have devoted a little space to these fish in a subsequent chapter, and there is also a reference to them in connection with fly fishing in the sea.


The common or garden snail is a fairly good bait for whiting, pout and bream, and I have heard of it being used on long lines when nothing better was to be obtained.