The Spotted Gunnel, Or Butterfish—a term which is equally applied to the blennies—is a capital whiffing bait for pollack, and can be either simply trailed on the eel tackle (p. 96), or mounted on spinning tackle such as I have recommended for small mackerel on p. 108. It is found in small pools under seaweed or stones, between high and low water mark. It is slippery, and difficult to catch with the hand. Being long-lived it is a capital live bait. It is common in the Orkneys (where it is called swordick) and on the west coast of Scotland. It is found on the Devonshire and Cornish coasts, and is plentiful all round Ireland. It is a long, eel-like little fish, with nine or more black spots encircled with white rings on the upper extraordinary creatures have one common peculiarity : their limbs grow from the place where their necks ought to be, and thus they may almost be said to walk on their heads. For this reason they are termed cephalopoda.