Nearly all the items in the following list are, in my opinion, absolutely essential if proceeding to the wild parts of the country. The most frequented parts of Florida are as civilised as any other fashionable winter resort.

Four tarpon rods (many anglers use this number at one time), four reels, six to ten dozen hooks and snells, three cotton reel lines, tarpon belt, very wide-brimmed hat, mosquito nets, very large light hat, revolver, rifle, hunting knife, gaff, light salmon rod, trout rod, large gaudy flies, phantom minnows, spoon baits, ordinary trout and salmon tackle, waist belt for carrying money, waders, ammunition, tent, hammock, camp cooking apparatus, folding flat-bottomed boat, hand camera (it is the best possible climate for photography), light summer clothing, and warm clothing also, small medicine chest, wines and spirits.

If the reader takes a map of Florida, he will find a great portion of it is unexplored. In such districts one can get nothing and should be prepared for any kind of emergency. Mule waggons can usually be hired.