In summer, calm, clear, or, which is preferable, cool, cloudy weather, the wind blowing gently, so that your angling instrument may be used with ease and facility.

When a sudden violent shower has slightly raised the mud in the river, and it appears of a whey colour, then angle with a red worm at the ground, and good sport will be obtained.

In March in the beginning of April and at the latter end of September, and during the whole of the winter, the fish bite best in the warmth of the day, when no wind is stirring and the air quite clear. During the summer months the morning and the evening are the best, or in cool, cloudy weather.

Fish rise best at the fly after a shower that has not raised the mud of the river, but which has beaten the gnats and flies into the water. The best months for the fly are March, April, May, and part of June. In the cooler months, in the warmest time of the day, or in warm weather about nine in the morning, or three in the afternoon, if a gentle breeze be blowing, A Trout bites best in dark, cloudy, windy weather, early in the morning, from about eight to ten, and in the afternoon, from three to four. About nine in the morning, and about three in the afternoon, are his chief and most constant hours of biting at ground or fly. March, April, May, and part of June, are his chief months, although he will take the bait well in July, August, and September. After a shower in the evening he rises well at gnats.

Salmon bite best at about three in the afternoon, chiefly in May, June, July, and August, with a clear water and some wind. He takes the bait best when the wind is blowing against the stream, and near the sea.

Carp and Tench morning and evening, very early and late, in June, July, and August, or even in the night.

Chub From Sun Rising Or Earlier

In the heat of the day, he will seldom bite. In June and July, till about eight, and at three in the afternoon, at ground or fly, if the weather be cool.

Pike bites best at three in the afternoon, in a clear water, accompanied by a gentle gale, in July, August, September, October.

Bream from about sun-rising till eight, in a muddy water, and a good breeze of wind. In ponds, the more violent the wind, and the higher the waves, the better. From the end of May, June, July especially, and August.

Roach and Dace, during the whole of the day, in clear weather, with a slight breeze. Gudgeon from April till he has spawned in May, and then to the end of the year, in warm clear weather.

Flounder, during the whole of the day, in April; May, June, and July, when the water has been disturbed by rain.

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