The Gudgeon spawns twice or three times in the course of the year, and is in season from March to October. In the summer it delights in shallow streams, the bottoms of which are sandy and gravelly. They will frequently bite during the whole of the day from an hour after sun-rise till within an hour of sun-set, without any particular consideration as to the state of the weather. In autumn, when the weeds begin to rot, they retire into the deep waters.


The customary method of angling for Gudgeon, is to rake up the sand or gravel, and by that means render the water thick and foul, which will make them bite the faster. Or another plan may be adopted, of throwing dried earth or dust into the river ; but if the water be made thick with rain they will not bite. They will take gentles or the cow-dung worm, but the small red-worm is the most killing bait for them. The Gudgeon is not a shy fish; on the contrary, if they be driven from their customary places of resort, they will immediately return to them.

A single-hair line, a fine taper rod, a float and a small hook, must be used, and the bait must drag upon the ground.

In fishing for Gudgeon a rake is indispensable, with which the bottom of the river must be raked every quarter of an hour, and the fish will flock to the place in shoals.

The Gudgeon will never rise at the fly. It is a fish in some request, both for its flavour and the sport it affords to the inexperienced angler. It is very simple, and is allured by almost any kind of bait.