Hooks of all sizes; marking silk of every colour; shoe-maker's wax of softest kind; cock's hackles, those feathers that hang down from the back of their necks, and those near the tail, the black and red are most useful, but they should be procured of all colours; gold and silver platted wire or twist; green and copper-coloured peacock, and black ostrich harl.


Hog's down and bear's hair of different colours ; these are good for mixing with the dubbing, as they repel the water; the white hog's down may be dyed to any colour; cow and calf hair of different colours, and the softest that can be procured, good for making large Salmon flies; spaniel's hair from behind the ears, dark brown and light brown ; the soft fur both brown and black from the badger's skin ; seal's fur of different colours ; camel's hair; also fur from the hare's neck and ears ; also from the squirrel's tail; fox cub, from the tail; a water rat; a house mouse; a marten, particularly the yellow spots under the jaws.


From the wild drake, the back and the breast; the wings of the starling; the water-coot; the jay; the fieldfare; and the blackbird ; a pheasant; a woodcock ; a land-rail; a brown hen; the grouse; the plover; and from the back and wings of a heron. The feathers from the tail of a turkey-cock, particularly those that are black, with a white tip at the end, a good wing for Salmon flies.