The Degree of Fisherman may be conferred on those who take 9 of these tests:

*1. Catch and name 10 different species of fish: salmon or trout to be taken with flies; bass, pickerel, or pike to be caught with rod or reel, muskallonge to be caught by, trolling. (7 for L. L).

2. Make a bait rod of 3 joints, straight and sound, 14 oz. or less in weight, 10 feet or less in length, to stand a strain of 1 1/2 lbs. at the tip, 13 lbs. at the grip. Or else make a jointed fly-rod 8-10 feet long, 4-8 ozs. in weight, capable of casting a fly 60 feet.

3. name and describe 25 different species of fish found in North American waters, and give a complete list of the fishes ascertained by himself to inhabit a given body of water. (15 for L. L).

4. Give the history of the young of any species of wild fish from the time of hatching until the adult stage is reached.

5. Make a net and catch a fish in it.

6. Make a turtle trap and catch a turtle in it.

*7. Make a 6-foot leader of clean gut, with smooth knots to stand a strain of 5 lbs.

*8. Take with the fly, unassisted, a 3-lb. trout, landlocked salmon, or bass, or a 12 lb. salmon, on a rod not more than 5 oz. in weight.

9. Or else take on a rod, without assistance in hooking, playing, or landing a trout, black bass, pike (muscallonge), grayling, salmon, bluefish, weakfish, striped bass, kingfish, sheepshead, or other game fish, whose weight in pounds equals or exceeds that of the rod in ounces.

10. Cast a fly with a rod of 5 oz. or less, not over 10 feet long, 65 feet. Or, with 1/4-oz. dummy frog, 5-foot rod. outdoors, overhead casting, tournament style, send it 80 feet if under 18, 110 if over.

11. Swim a hundred yards.

12. Paddle (single) a canoe 1 mile in 12 minutes. (15 for L. L).

13. Row without help 1 mile in 10 minutes. (14 for L. L).