The Degree of Camper may be conferred on those who take 10 of these tests:

*i. Can light 15 fires in succession with 15 matches, at different places, one, at least, on a wet day. (10 for L. L).

2. Have put up a 2-man tent alone, ten times, for actual service, ready for storms. (5 times for L. L).

3. Can make the fire with rubbing-sticks of own preparation.

4. Can boil water in 10 minutes with 1 match, 1 log, 1 axe; 1 quart of water in a 2-quart pail. (15 min. for L. L).

*5. Have made a willow bed, or a rush mat, or an equally good one of wild material.

6. Have made a waterproof roof of wildwood materials.

7. Have cooked 21 digestible meals with ordinary camp outfits, for at least three persons. (12 meals for L. L).

8. Know how to make a raft.

*9. Know how to choose a camp site and how to prepare for rain.

*10. Know how to build a latrine (toilet). *11. Know how to dispose of the camp garbage and refuse.

*12. Have slept out 100 nights (no roof but canvas); not necessarily consecutive nights. (50 for L. L).

13. Have traveled 500 miles, all told, in canoe, on foot, or in saddle, while sleeping out. (250 for L. L).

14. Have had charge of a camp of five or more for seven suns (one week) and kept all going in good shape.