" God save thee, Michael, archangel ! God save thee ! " "What aileth thee, O man ? "

"A headache and a sickness and a weakness of the heart. O Michael, archangel, canst thou cure me, O angel of the Lord?"

" May three things cure thee, O man. May the shadow of Christ fall on thee ! May the garment of Christ cover thee 1 May the breath of Christ breathe on thee ! And when I come again thou wilt be healed."

These words are said over the patient while his arms are lifted in the form of a cross, and water is sprinkled on his head.

A Charm For The Mad Fever

Three stones must be charmed by the hands of a wise fairy doctor, and cast by his hand, saying as he does so-

" The first stone I cast is for the head in the mad fever ; the second stone I cast is for the heart in the mad fever ; the third stone I cast is for the back in the mad fever.

" In the name of the Trinity, let peace come. Amen."