Superstitions About Dreams

Never tell your dreams fasting, and always tell them first to a woman called Mary.

To dream of a hearse with white plumes is a wedding; but to dream of a wedding is grief, and death will follow.

To dream of a woman kissing you is deceit; but of a man, friendship; and to dream of a horse is exceedingly lucky.

To dream of a priest is bad ; even to dream of the devil is better. Remember, also, either a present or a purchase from a priest is unlucky.

Fairy Doctors

The fairy doctors are generally females. Old women, especially, are considered to have peculiar mystic and supernatural power. They cure chiefly by charms and incantations, transmitted by tradition through many generations ; and by herbs, of which they have a surprising knowledge.

The fairies have an aversion to the sight of blood ; and the peasants, therefore, have a great objection to being bled, lest " the good people " would be angry. Besides, they have much more faith in charms and incantations than in any dispensary doctor that ever practised amongst them.