" O Christ, by your five wounds, by the nine orders of angels, if this woman is ordained for me, let me hold her hand now, and breathe her breath. O my love, I set a charm to the top of your head ; to the sole of your foot ; to each side of your breast, that you may not leave me nor forsake me. As a foal after the mare, as a child after the mother, may you follow and stay with me till death comes to part us asunder. Amen."


A charm of most desperate love, to be written with a raven's quill in the blood of the ring finger of the left hand.

"By the power that Christ brought from heaven, mayest thou love me, woman 1 As the sun follows its course, mayest thou follow me. As light to the eye, as bread to the hungry, as joy to the heart, may thy presence be with me, O woman that I love, till death comes to part us asunder."

A Charm For Love

This is a charm I set for love ; a woman's charm of love and desire ; a charm of God that none can break-

" You for me, and I for thee, and for none else ; your face to mine, and your head turned away from all others."

This is to be repeated three times secretly, over a drink given to the one beloved.

A Charm To Cause Love

Golden butter on a new-made dish, such as Mary set before Christ. This to be given in the presence of a mill, of a stream, and the presence of a tree ; the lover saying softly-

" O woman, loved by me, mayest thou give me thy heart, thy soul and body. Amen."

A Charm Against Sorrow

A charm set by Mary for her Son, before the fair man and the turbulent woman laid Him in the grave.

The charm of Michael with the shield ; Of the palm-branch of Christ ; Of Bridget with her veil. The charm which God set for Himself when the divinity within Him was darkened.

A charm to be said by the cross when the night is black, and the soul is heavy with sorrow.

A charm to be said at sunrise, with the hands on the breast, when the eyes are red with weeping, and the madness of grief is strong.

A charm that has no words, only the silent prayer.

A Charm To Cause Hatred Between Lovers

Take a handful of clay from a new-made grave, and shake it between them, saying-

" Hate ye one another ! May ye be as hateful to each other as sin to Christ, as bread eaten without blessing is to God."