" Good morning, my dear friend : As the marriage of our grand-daughter to your son has united my son Edward and your family, and that event caused or rather brought us in a positive condition, and enabled us to pick up the trumpet and manifest our appreciation of that event, I thought I would write a few lines in regard to this happy marriage, and to show our very high appreciation of this medium's family, for, as Ida said, it has brought sunshine to her dear pa and ma that they could not find any-where else outside the spirit communion, and express our very high appreciation of your son Emil, and that we feel very proud of them both, and of our hearts full of love for Edwin and his wife, and highest regards for yourself and family and Mrs. Green's family, we subscribe ourselves your dear spirit friends, " Amariah Stebbins and Permelia Stebbins."

" Good morning, my friends, Mr. Helleberg and Mrs. Green: To say I was very much delighted, or, in fact, I have not language at my command to express to you my appreciation of yesterday's proceedings, and happy of the opportunity presented that I can write to-day. Winnie described me as I was. Love to my dear daughter and her husband (Edwin Stebbins), and regard to all, Thomas Kelly."

" Good morning, dear son : Father, brother, and all of us are here to give you our congratulations and to tell you how much we love dear Ida, and that she is so sweet and beautiful. We were all with you last night, and caressed you with the trumpet. It made us so happy. Father can not write to-day, but will soon. With our blessings on you and all, your loving mother, Ulrica Helleberg."

" Good morning: I must not fail to give a few words in appreciation of the marriage feast. It was splendid, and I was very much pleased with the ceremony spiritually and mortal. Love to dear Anna and yourself and highest regard to all. Francis, Emily, Susan and Joseph join me and send much love to all. With my prayers for you all, 1 bid you good bye. Fredrick Franks."

" Now, dear papa, we are all through, and Guth of and Charles join in congratulations, and asked me to write for them, and tell you that they are so much pleased with their sister-in-law. Mary, Henry, and little Julia and Clarence, and many that I have not time to mention, join us with much love for all. Two soyls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one, we bid you good bye, Emil and Ida."

The 2d of March came : " Good morning, my dear friend. The tourists, according to promise, have not returned. I have been sent as a messenger from Mr. Swedenborg to report to you that their reception on the planet Mars was so grand, and they are there so nicely entertained by the spirits of that planet that they have all been invited to participate in a similar feast to take place to-day, and they all send their love and best wishes to you, and hope to be with you at your next sitting. With my highest regard and well wishes for your future prosperity, I am your spirit friend, Polheim."

The 6th of March the exalted Swedenborg wrote on the slate : " Good morning, friends: I am here to give you the marriage ceremony I promised in pantominc on the 22d ultimo. It is brief, and does not include the address and prayer given on that occasion. * * * As you have already been united in the conjugal sense by the operation of the laws of spiritual attraction and magnetic affiliation, no formal cementation or consecration is needed, but in obedience to an ancient custom, originating in spirit life in the early dawns of the physical earth-planet, and from thence projected to mortal life, I have the pleasure of pronouncing the ceremony that blends you, in obedience to the custom stated, into blissful spiritual consociation as man and wife, which I now do in presence of the invited guests here assembled. In blissful happiness you are to live in peaceful joy, to move in heavenly love to act, so shall your onward march be unobstructed, and as you advance increasing in wisdom, expanding and abounding in love, and augmenting in power until the highest angels and seraphims shall claim you for angelic companionship. Now, while the choristers join in thy marriage anthem, I present for your congratulations this spiritually mated couple, who I now introduce as "Emil Gabriel Helleberg and Ida Stebbins Helleberg. iffi Emanuel Swedenborg."

Just as Madam Ehrenborg's communications were being copied for the printer, the " Banner of Light"— the oldest spiritual paper in existence—of date July 1,1882, was placed in my hands, in which I find a communication from Helen Barnard Dcnsmore, of Philadelphia, in which she says:

"Philadelphia has been favored recently with a course of lectures from Mr. W. J. Colville, which have been well attended and received with appreciation. This truly inspired speaker is doing a great work in spreading the new gospel of spiritualism wherever he is called. His discourses are of a high order, in an intellectual and literary sense, as well as of great spiritual elevation. At one of the social receptions given to him at the residence of Colonel S. P. Kase, he gave a very interesting discourse on the physical life and development of the planets of our solar system as compared with the earth, which was listened to with an earnest attention and evident acceptance by those present. It was taught in this discourse that worlds were brought into existence for the sole purpose of furnishing a theater for souls to express themselves in matter upon, to the end of gaining knowledge and overcoming temptations in all forms and of all kinds; that these lives make up a system of embodiments which closes with the soul's triumph over all the evils to be found in material life.

" We were told that in Mercury the attainment of a high degree of physical perfection was the highest ambition of its inhabitants; that that planet was in a lower state of animal, vegetable and spiritual progress than the earth, and the cultivation of the soil was their almost universal occupation; that Venus was in a high state of artistic and aesthetic cultivation; that art and music were the dominant passions there, with less intellectual and spiritual development, sensuous delights every-where abounding, and the cultivation of the beautiful the highest aim of life. On the earth the demon to be overcome was declared to be intellectualism, man's intellect being here worshiped and deitied at the expense of the spiritual.

" On Mars and Jupiter is to be found a much higher state of existence, matter being dominated by the spirit to a much greater degree than on either this earth or those planets nearest the sun; that exalted spirits from those planets, especially from Mars, are sent as especial embodiments to the earth, as teachers and messengers for spiritual truth.

" Life on the more distant planets from the sun, beyond Jupiter, was declared to be of such an exalted character that there is no language understandable on earth in which to depict its glories and achievements."